Make Golf More Affordable

Let’s face it. Golf is an expensive sport! While there are technically more expensive hobbies and sports to partake in (I’m looking at you, sailing and skydiving), golf isn’t always kind to your wallet. If you’re serious about bettering your game, it can feel like you need to shell out a million dollars just to play well. But don’t worry! We’ve outlined how you can stretch your dollars and maximize your golf potential while still keeping things affordable.

If you pay about $30 for a round of golf, and you play a few times a month PLUS driving range balls PLUS the latest gear PLUS lessons, you’re going to be spending a considerable amount. Some membership programs like The Players Club can reduce these costs significantly. Some costs, however, are unavoidable. You’ll have to pay some green fees, replenish your stash when you run out of golf balls, and replace your glove every so often. If you’re really trying to become a better golfer, you’ll need to have a professional give you some tips.

Here are some ways to keep golf affordable:

Putt Before the Range

Next time you go to the range, don’t head straight for the Pro Shop. Go to the putting/chipping greens instead. You’ll be itching to hit your clubs and work on your long game – but hear me out. Have you ever hit a few buckets of balls at the range and then found yourself too tired to go practice your putting and chipping? Playing that way ensures you spend the max amount of money, and also risks you not having the energy to work on your short game (which I consider to be way more important in lowering your number of strokes). Practice your putting and chipping first, then go and purchase your bucket of golf balls. You’ll be able to better moderate the number of golf balls you hit if you have already finished the rest of your practice routine, as opposed to hitting ball after ball on the range.

Watch Online Tutorials

It’s really difficult to find affordable lessons. Instead of hiring a Pro to teach you golf techniques, watch some videos online! Internet tutorials can be very instructive if you follow them properly. I recommend you watch them before you even get to the range so that you understand the gist of the movements. When you’re on the mat, feel free to refer back to them and lock in what you’ve learned. There are so many free golf videos online from knowledgeable players.

Buy Used Equipment

Look in your local ads for people selling golf balls! Many people pick up and drop sports when they feel discouraged. Those people will be eager to get rid of perfectly good, barely-used equipment for a bargain. You can often find unused golf balls, bulk golf balls, great golf club deals, and even apparel for crazy low prices. Before you jump on that shiny new box of golf balls, look around for used ones.

Hunt on the Course

I’m not talking hunting wildlife. I’m talking hunting golf balls! When you hit near the rough or while your partner is making their shot, (respectfully) search in nearby brush and growth for stray golf balls. You can find brand new, top-of-the-line balls with a little investigating. If you’re really on the hunt, you can even snag some golf balls from water hazards. They’re treasure troves. Found means free, and free is truly the most affordable way to go.

Plan Tee Times Strategically

Book your tee times in the afternoon! After 3PM, golf prices tend to go way down. Some courses offer twilight golf for a steal. You should also consider joining a program like The Players Club, where you can get discounts on tee times, free clinics, and free range balls.

If you’re searching for an affordable golf course, you might want to consider a few other aspects of the club. Read What to Look For in a Golf Course for more.

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